FNSI Results for June

So I haven't taken part in a FNSI in forever, but last night I came back with a vengeance, although, as is almost always the case, I didn't achieve as much as I planned.

I was home alone last night so I started at 5pm and went through till 11pm with breaks for dinner and teas. 

The main aim of the night was to layer up and quilt my Christmas quilt. This was achieved, unfortunately I couldn't do the binding as it turned out I didn't have the fabric for it. Off to buy that today.

I seem to have forgotten how to layer a quilt and this is evident from the back, it's annoying but as it's a seasonal quilt and for me I will live with it.

How did everyone get on?


Susie Hoover said…
You managed to get a lot done. Layering and quilting takes a lot of time ... at least for me it does! As for your little oops? I like what someone told me once: Done looks great!!!
Maria said…
Your quilt looks great and no one will see the back...
Janet said…
Congratulations on all you got done! The quilt looks very Christmasy. And as long as you can live with any issues, then who will ever know there was a problem?

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