365 Challenge...the delayed start

I found out about the 365 Challenge midway through January and what with sourcing fabric, general life and finishing the baby quilt I've only just managed to start.

The 365 Challenge is a sampler quilt that aims for you to make either a 3.5 or 6.5 inch block a day - full details at the 365 Challenge website. I'm not entirely sure I'll manage a block a day but I'll give it a go.

A large quantity of fabric is required, as is expected with a 90 inch square quilt. I've decided to go for black, white and grey and have bought an initial 5 metres (I think) of fabrics.

I'm probably going to buy a few more fat quarters as I go, the quilt relies on tonality a lot so I probably need to broaden my range a bit. I'm also toying with including an accent fabric at some point, not sure when or what colour yet.

I've made the first two blocks tonight...

I'm starting from 1st January as the blocks seem to get progressively more complex and build on previously learned techniques...so far so good I think.