Sunday, 30 March 2014

Home comforts

As I've moved to a new house part of the crafty fun is making new accessories for that house.  First on the list (having bottled out of making curtains for the time being...cost being my excuse!) is a new knitted cushion as the one I've had for the past several years is looking a little tired.

Progress so far...

Effective but simple.  Plenty more cushions to follow (I have a large sofa!).

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bits and Pieces for FNSI

As seems to be the case so often with my attempts at FNSI things didn't quite go to plan.  One of the joys of recently having moved house is that I often lose things, tonight that thing was my micro stitch tagged thingy which I use for basting quilts.  So the first hour of FNSI was spent rummaging through bags, boxes and drawers to find the missing item.  Now there are plenty of projects I could be getting on with but I really wanted to baste the quilt for my cousin's son as it'd be great if I could get it to hime while he is still a baby (as with most of my WIPs this has been in progress for moving etc stopped crafting!).

Once the offending gadget had been located progress was quite good.

Front and back of the disappearing nine patch quilt last heard of in October 13 and finally ready for quilting.

I also managed to finish hand sewing the binding on my first ever jelly roll race quilt.

How did everyone else do?

Friday, 21 March 2014

FNSI Sign Up

After rediscovering the FNSI a few days ago I almost forgot to sign up for it.  Plenty of bits and pieces to finish up so I should be kept occupied this evening.  Now to decide what to do...bit of sitting, knitting and thinking required before dinner and sewing.

Pop back tomorrow to see if I decided to be sensible and finish off some of my WIPs. ... March sign up list courtesy of Sugarlane Quilts

Monday, 10 March 2014

The start of something

I've recently moved home.  When house hunting one of the features I was looking for (and admittedly did not tell the Estate Agents about) was somewhere to keep my crafty stuff and maybe even do a little essence my ideal was a sewing room or failing that a spare room with space.  Luckily the house I've eventually bought has both.

Now the sewing room is less than perfect - suspect electrics, probable leaky roof and single skin walls with associated threat of damp (conveniently its about 2 metres from the kettle which I think redeems a lot of it's worse features) - but it has that magic thing POTENTIAL ... and a door to hide my crafty excesses from unsuspecting visitors.  And so this weekend I started the first tentative steps to making this a useful room ...
A cutting table with adjustable height legs to make long cutting sessions easier on my back and hidden out of view I have a stack of boxes (A4 filing type ones) (and a bag or two) with all my in progress and planned projects.  Unfortunately I don't think the room is currently light enough for sewing in but I think it'll get some use anyway.  Even though it is a fairly tiny room I also have a large bookcase/cupboard in there with all my craft,cookery and generally creative books on it...inspiration to hand.  I have plans for this room - more storage, a pressing station and some fun decor...the brighter the better!