Saturday, 30 March 2013

Bath Half Marathon 2013

A very late post but I like using this blog as a record of my running achievements (feel free to skip if you're just here for the craft).

On Sun 3 March I ran the Bath Half Marathon for the second time ever (actually it's only my second ever half marathon). Last year I completed it in, a not hugely impressive, 3 hours 15 minutes. This year I knew I could and had to improve on that. I set myself a target of somewhere between 2 hours 30 and 2 hours 45, knowing the slower time was realistic and the faster time would be a bit of a stretch. The day didn't start well with having to scrape the frost off the car windscreen and feeling frozen for the first mile, but from there on in I had a fantastic run. I'm not the quickest of runners, but I didn't have any need for a walk break, no painful joints (usually around the 8 mile mark my knees and ankles stage a short but noticeable protest) and I was able to overtake other joggers on the short hills (towards the en of last year's race walkers were overtaking me!). And the reward for my efforts - 2 hours 33 mins!!!

Now signing up for the Bristol Half in September and toying with an insane charity fundraising idea for next Spring.

Monday, 25 March 2013

All a little fishy...

Finally managed to attend the Dancing Koi course at Nimble Thimble. I had originally booked to attend this course in January but due to snow it was postponed, kind of ironic waking up to go to the course on Saturday and finding a good couple of inches of snow had appeared overnight.

Unfortunately I didn't take any in progress shots during the class (really must do that one day). But hopefully you can see a little more detail in this photo.

The class was to teach a machine appliqué technique using bondaweb. Only the fish are complete, I still have the wall hanging to put together. I was intending to give this as a gift but I love the fish so much I'm going to keep it for myself. Gives me an excellent excuse to make some more. I want to use this technique again, I think it might make some cool gently used scatter cushions. I'm also keeping an eye out for other suitable subjects for wall hangers using the technique.

And even better this is another one of my 13 in 2013 projects. I'm on a roll!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Still Crafting...

...just forgot about the blogging a little.

When I opened my blog I realised I'd set myself a 13 in 2013 challenge and immediately I thought I must have already failed.  I read the list preparing to admit defeat and then I remembered it was a UFO surrender yet then!

And even better I am very pleased to report the completion of No. 11 the crochet scarf (and considering the ongoing cold temperatures here and the reappearance of serious snow it was none too soon).

And I have tracked down, on Ravelry, gloves and a cap using a similar stitch pattern...

... although I suppose my 13 in 2013 should take priority (we'll see!).

I do have another finish to report, but unfortunately no accompanying photo, a jelly roll quilt - on day to machine sew, two weeks to hand stitch the binding!