Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Slowly Does It

(Thanks to issues with Blogger I am about a week behind with my posts)

Contrary to the evidence on my blog I am still alive and crafting, although I do seem to have slowed down somewhat lately.

However I am still making steady progress with the two baby quilts which are gifts for July babies (so I really need to speed up again!). I have the top and back sorted for my jungle zig zag one and it's just (!) a case of quilting and binding. Willl hopefully have a close to finished version to show this weekend. And as for the rainbow one...

Although a slightly mis-orientated photo (going to let Blogger win that battle) I am really pleased with how its going. Just another two stripy borders with white corners to go. Luckily they're already all sewn together. And then some serious thinking about how to quilt it. Was considering stippling with rainbow thread in the white borders and something straight line in the centre, though stitch in ditch is out as close up the points nd seams don't meet.

I haven't just been sitting round being uncrafty during the last few weeks, I have become heavily absorbed in a shawl which I'm knitting as a present for the end of the year, and therefore will not make an appearance on the blog for a few more months.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Summer Hols - Part 2

As with all good camping holidays the rain eventually tracked us down.  We spent the last full day of our holiday in Torquay and visited the nearby, rather large, miniature village.

And then the weather got even wetter and a, luckily dry, night was spent in the trusty tent listening to the weather and desperately hoping to avoid a toilet trip whilst it was pouring it down.

The day of the drive home dawned bright and sunny - typically - and so a very pleasant morning was spent in Dartmouth doing some serious damage to my bank account purchasing a print of the area.

A day at home was had to recover and then off to London for some serious culture.  First stop Anne Boleyn at Shakespeare's globe followed by a walk along the river.  

And then, in the evening, off to Charing Cross Road area for Much Ado About Nothing with David Tennant and Catherine Tate.  Both plays were brilliant and David Tennant made an excellent Benedick.  Unfortunately, possibly due to my dithering, we did not manage to get any autographs, but I did just about get a photo of David Tennant amongst the autograph hunters.

And considering all we packed in I actually felt really refreshed by the end of the week.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Summer Hols - Part One

Had a week off work last week and instead of spending it crafting (which considering my UFOs may have been a good and cheap option) I went on a short camping trip in Devon with my sister.

First holiday excitements were getting all the necessary camping gear into my mini and then managing to put up the tent without any 'incidents' between me and my sister.

Although a very serviceable tent (as proven during a rainstorm) we decided to spend the first evening in the nearby picturesque town of Dartmouth.

where we quickly learnt two things:

1. Not many restaurants in this tourist haven open on a Monday and those that do don't open before 7pm.

2. There are still many places that don't accept card payments.

Once we'd got over those lessons we had a very tasty and large meal in a pleasant restaurant.

Next day was spent doing damage to our spending money in a craft centre in a large hall in the quaint village of Cockington, which also served huge Devon cream teas (large portions seem to be a Devonian trait!).  And then off to the hippyish town of Totnes for the afternoon.  By this time the English summer had arrived and we were treated to a grey drizzly afternoon so unfortunately no pictures to share.