Thursday, 25 November 2010

Oh Bother!

So I haven't actually finished a quilt made wholly by me yet but I think I've found another on to add to my to make list and I'm not actually sure how I came across it (the internet is a horrible enabler!).

Anyway the quilt I want to make eventually is a Cathedral Windows quilt and for future reference there's an excellent tutorial here - Hyena's Tutorial with a little guide on machine sewing it all here - Ballerina's Tutorial

Not one that will be done quickly and I can slowly collect appropriate scraps but it will be stunning.  I hope everyone's happy to receive quilted stuff from me over the next few years!

Monday, 22 November 2010

And One More Makes Twelve

As mentioned in my last post I've tracked down one more print in the Wee Woodland range in the turquoise colourway in the UK.  And here it is...
And now to put all these lovely fabrics away until probably the New Year when I will have finished the log cabins and hopefully one or two other unfinished items.

Monday, 15 November 2010

I'm Not Addicted to Fabric...Not At All...

Well I had been doing a bit of browsing to find some fabric to make a quilt for a baby, gender as yet unknown.  Found a lovely tutorial on A Quilt is Nice and then had to find some suitably quirky fabric.  I came across Keiki's Wee Woodland for Moda and I think it's perfect and so gorgeous.

I may have bought another small piece of the range in turquoise too.  Must resist starting this as have some more urgent ones to do.  Have now got all the fabrics for Ganny's quilt so I will hopefully have chance to work on both log cabins on my next free weekend.

And just so you can see a complete contrast here is my first ever machine sewn quilt top.

Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it, it's definitely unique.  Finishing it would probably help and it would be really good if I could bind int in the brights but I'm not sure I have enough scraps and I haven't seen these sold as yardage.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Warm Feet ... Eventually!

Courtesy of some rather good TV on Saturday night I actually made a small amount of progress on one of my to do list projects.

If you look hard you can just make out the pattern.  The yarn is nice, a silk wool mix in plain black from Regia (I think), so far not finding it too tricky working in black but I may be speaking too soon.  I am about halfway down the leg of the first sock.  As with most my craft projects (and other stuff) I really need to dedicate some quality time to getting these finished before Winter's over.  I need more hours in the day (or a longer weekend - I know what I'm doing over Xmas leave!)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A little more progress

During a trip to my local fabric shop I was reminded that I have a little over a month to do the homework on my log cabin quilt.  Considering I only sew at weekends and I am planning to spend a large proportion of the next month's weekends out and about I thought I'd better forgo the woodwork reconstruction in my bathroom and get some sewing done.

I've got some nice looking but somewhat tricky borders to make and, as I'm making another huge quilt, I've got a lot of bits to piece.

Made a pleasing start with 2 hours effort but I may have to unpick some due to wonky seams.

See what you think...

Going to have to set some serious time aside for Ganny's quilt.

Saturday, 6 November 2010


Three weeks ago my brother came to visit to change my naff and somewhat broken taps.  After 24 hours, one leak, cold water that wouldn't isolate fully, trips into the loft without a torch and the purchase of a large quantity of plumbing supplies we both left the flat with the taps in place, a limited amount of cold water and fingers crossed there'd be no leaks.

I returned to the flat in some trepidation and I was greeted by ...

... my beatiful taps.  No leaks in sight and after a minor tweak plenty of cold water.  On the otherhand the fridge was a totally different matter!!! And I think I've figured out how to isolate the water in my flat without visiting the loft.