Sunday, 24 October 2010

And Seize Up!

So my second attempt at the Great South Run took place today, preceded by a week with a stinking cold.  Woke up and felt better than I had done all week, then had the entertainment of melting the ice off my windscreen (hello I'm on the south coast what was that all about??), and managed to find a good parking space and pay for it before my phone conked out.

The day was glorious but set off too nervously because I thought I'd aggravate my cold.  However got into my slow b ut steady rhythm and managed it in 2 hrs 11 mins and a bit.  Unfortunately slower than last year and much slower than I wanted to be, but I DID IT and managed to raise, so far, £250 for Sefarers UK - not too bad all in all.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Breakfast of Choice

For once not a post about craft, instead I thought I'd share with you the "recipe" for what I consider to be the most luscious breakfast ever (at the moment anyway).  You need about 20 hazlenuts, 2 teaspoons of runny honey and low (zero) fat greek yoghurt.  Put all the ingredientd in a bowl* (or if you're like me and are limited in those then a cup will do) and mix. Eat, enjoy and feel full till lunch.  This is a reallyu nice breakfast with the only warning being be a little stingy with the honey - this can get too sweet very easily.
I would take a photo but it just looks like lumpy yoghurt!

*If you're using a small, individual pot of greek yoghurt then you can miss out the bowl stage and just tip everything straight into the yoghurt.  It's best to give the yoghurt a quick stir first though.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

And The Winner Is...

So another weekend and another Saturday spent sewing at Nimble Thimble.  Session 2 in the Log Cabin course was complete and I finished the central panel of my log cabin quilt.  And the design I eventually chose was...

Somewhat conventional but effective. And with a little persuasion I managed to get all of the seams to match perfectly (as you may be able to see); perhaps my sewing isn't as wonky as I thought.  Next step thin and pieced borders - how to cut 2 and a half inch strips almost 2 metres long?

And on a related note a slight changes in plans regarding the colourway of Ganny's Xmas quilt - rather than red and purple I think I will have to settle for the more conventional red and cream colour combination.